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Among many objectives of IFSD, the following are of priority:

  • To organize and conduct independent or collaborative research in science & technology and execute projects with an emphasis on the sustainability of the environment for the human beings in India and beyond.
  • To organize and conduct independent or collaborative research, development and deployment of human resources in the fields of science, medicine, technology, agriculture, education, management, public administration, child & woman welfare, etc. which cover Total Environment. The results of these research efforts will be applied for humanitarian causes for improving the life of people in general with an emphasis on the developing world.
  • To organize and conduct independent or collaborative research on the optimal utilization of natural resources. The results of this research will be implemented either directly or through other organizations which will ensure community participation.
  • To focus on the peculiarity and vulnerability of deltas, their ecosystems and the historical and potential factors responsible for the current status and future development of the people inhabiting the deltas. This work will be carried out across national boundaries, with a view to finding constructive solutions to resolve the issue of delta’s sustainability.
  • To perform scientific consultancy in fields related to sustainable development and to derive non-profit income to supplement the Foundation’s trust fund.
  • To publish books, periodicals and magazines to build a network of office-cum-development research complexes to ensure international exchange of ideas and evaluation of the functions of UN/world agencies engaged in similar functions.