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Advisors, irrespective of their national origin are outstanding individuals who have spent at least twenty years of their active careers in public or private life, in pursuit of excellence in social, academic, bureaucratic, scientific and research area of sustainable development. They will provide the necessary guidance for implementing projects, both current and in the planning stages. Scholars & specialists from India, Africa, Europe, USA, Australia and South Asia have shown keen interest.

Notables amongst them are as follows:

Dr. Bikas Sanyal – Formerly of UNESCO; Director India House, Paris, France
Dr. David Hobday – Oil & Gas expert Sydney, Australia
Chief R A George – Fmr. Governor, Delta expert, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Dr. U K Mukhopadhyay – Fmr. World Bank, Fmr. Home Secy. Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai, India
Mr. A K Deb – Fmr. Chief Secy. Govt. of West Bengal, Kolkata, India
Mr. A K Bhattacharya – Chief Information Commissioner, Govt. of West Bengal, Kolkata, India
Mr. Dipak Bhattacharya – Lawyer Supreme Court, Delhi, India.
Dr. R P Sengupta – Neuro Surgeon, UK
Dr. Prabir Banerjee- Canada
Mr. M L Pachisia – Chairman, Orient Paper Mill and Calcutta Hospital, Kolkata, India
Mr. R Basu – Fmr. DG Doordarshan, Fmr. CEO Star TV India, Chairman, Broadcast Worldwide Ltd, Kolkata, India
Mr. R Saha – Fmr. Chairman, ACABQ, United Nations, New York, USA