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About International Foundation for Sustainable Development

The Foundation, which had been in operation for over a decade, run by its founder members, was officially registered on September 1, 1997. The Foundation promotes the spirit of enterprise in the fields of Energy & Environment in a sustainable manner.

The Foundation is aided by group of members which are placed into the following broad categories: Corporate, Associate, Voluntary & Honorary. Through their valued contributions in terms of funding, services & advice they are critical to the success of the Foundation’s current and future projects.

The Foundation is strictly non-political and non-profit.

IFSD's Mission

  • To preserve cultural heritage of West Bengal.
  • Spread the message about the uniqueness of that culture to the wider world by organizing events around important festivals like the annual Durga Puja.
  • To raise funds for restoration of important sites like the Kalighat temple of Kolkata and its environs
  • Create awareness about the creative potential of the people whose skills make the Durga Puja such an exciting spectacle.
  • Organize international platforms – both physical and virtual for Bengalees all over the world to interact
  • Run community – based programs on education, healthcare and sports
  • Make available unique Bengali products like art and artifacts from Kalighat and other places to the wider world

Plans for Expansion

  • Create an international event around the Durga Puja festivals
  • Organize the visit of tourists from US and other countries around the festival time to Kolkata and other Indian cities in keeping with GOI mission of “incredible India”
  • Create a permanent theme park in Kolkata based on all the rituals and attendant activities associated with Durga Puja
  • Merchandise products related to Durga Puja and popularize them

Tools at Disposal

  • Office at Kolkata and New York
  • Experience of organizing major community-based Durga Puja festivals in Kolkata
  • Ability to raise funds for social projects from Government and public sources
  • A wide network covering Indian and International acquaintance