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About International Foundation for Sustainable Development

The Foundation, which had been in operation for over a decade, run by its founder members, was officially registered on September 1, 1997. The Foundation promotes the spirit of enterprise in the fields of Energy & Environment in a sustainable manner.

The Foundation is aided by group of members which are placed into the following broad categories: Corporate, Associate, Voluntary & Honorary. Through their valued contributions in terms of funding, services & advice they are critical to the success of the Foundation’s current and future projects.

IFSD’s Settlor Trustee Mr. Mridul Pathak with Hon’ble US Ambassador to India Mr. Kenneth I. Juster in The Great Autumn Heritage Festival

Achievements - 6Es


IFSD introduced an unique product which is biodegradable, recyclable and not inflamable – using the jazzy side of Jute – the golden fibre. IFSD catalyzed commercial production through for- profit & not – for – profit corporations which marketed in India and beyond.


The Kalighat Redevelopment Project is a non-profit endeavor committed to the redevelopment, renewal and rediscovery of a diverse community in the heart of Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Through investments in core infrastructure, tourist facilities and community based enterprise


IFSD pioneered several websites networking amongst non resident Indians all over the world. www.calonline.com was a remarkable gateway and is now known as www.netguruinidia.com. Celcius Technologies of Kolkata ( a P C Chatterjee initiative)….


IFSD participated in exploration of natural oil & gas in India through introduction of professsionals from all around the globe.
Particular emphasis was paid to hydro-carbon potential in the Bay of Bengal and coal mine methane in Eastern Indian Coal fields.


To advance and enhance the learning possibilities by fostering awareness, developing holistic knowledge acquisition through creation, innovation, exposure and interaction to build human talent for self enhancement and also for the cause of society.


IFSD encourage cross continental exchange of cultural activities quite often pioneering in nature. Usha Utthup – Pop diva of India in USA, Canada & Africa, P C Sorkar Jr. – Troupe of 22 the great magician of India in USA, North American Bengali Conference & Bongo Mela in USA

COVID Activities

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